Monday, December 12, 2011

Coming soon

How exiting it is to start working on another bigger piece! Just few hints: it has four legs, it´s black, silvery and golden. You can invite your friends and have a chat around it.

Yes -  warm, warm, warmer :) It´s another coffee table. And after that!? A huge wall mirror, but i´m still baking this one in my head til the full vision is ready :)

See you soon!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Coffee tables I have made

I love making and designing bigger items, so coffee tables are my favorite. Here are some tables I have sold to US, Finland and Estonia:

These two smaller coffee tables are waiting for their future-owners to fall in love in them :))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It´s raining cats

I always thought that I´m a dog-person but when cats started to appear in my life every once in a while, I realized that I must be a cat-person after all :) Or maybe both :)

There were many cats in my childhood, also few dogs. I loved them all and. Me and my family were living pretty far from everything and my sisters were older than me, so cats and dogs were my best playmates. I sometimes think because of that I understand animals better than people.

After childhood came school, Uni and first work places, I fell in love with my partner Alan (we have been together for 15 years for now) and for quite a long time we lived in city and didn´t have any pets at all.

Then suddenly - boom - it was raining cats. Someone´s cat had brought her nestling of kittens to our country house´s attic...and that was straight before we had to leave home for a couple of years. I tried to find homes for the little ones and I was e-mailing in Riga´s (Lavia) and Katunayake´s (Sri Lanka) airport with some people who were interested of taking a kitten. My mother told me after, that sadly the mom-cat took the kittens away and we never found out what happened to the family. I´m still sad.

Me and Alan were traveling year and a half, then came back home, stayed at home year and a half and then went on a new adventurous trip. Two weeks before our flight happened the same thing as last time when we had to leave home - someone´s cat brought four orange kittens to our attic. This time I managed to find homes for all of the four kittens. Paksu (Fatty) and Gusti are now living at my sister´s homes, ex-workmate took Hugo and my brother-in-law´s sister Margit got a little energetic devil-kitten called Osama (yes, called after the bad-Osama).

 Osama, Paksu and Hugo taking a nap. Gusti has already gone to his new home

Paksu in 2007 :)

Paksu in 2011 :)

After coming back from another long trip, I got an e-mail, where animal helping organization called Pesaleidja ( needed an urgent help. A street cat (who I later named Ronja) gave birth to four kittens and the whole family needed a place to stay for a while. We offered our home.

Ronja was half-wild and we didn´t get along very well because we took her kittens away from the cage so that they could learn to trust people.

 Trull, Spunk, Nilsson and Pöial-Liisi

Alan reading to Pöial-Liisi :)

 The little ones grew up and found new homes, Ronja went back to the city and she is still waiting for someone who could give her home and some love.

After Ronja and her four little ones came Tjorven and Hallparun, they also needed a shelter. Kristi from Pesaleidja brought them to us last winter. I remember that night so well, it was dark outside and snowdrifts were so high. Hallu was traveling inside a transport box and Tjorven jumped out of a sport bag. Kristi told us that she will bring us one cat from Valga´s animal shelter, but Tjorven was so charming and Kristi took her to us as well. We didn´t mind having two cats instead of one.

 Tjorven and Hallu watching a bird-cinema :)

We fell in love with these two and for now I have made it official - Hallu and Tjorven have found their real home and we have two cute and loving friends always waiting for us at home :)