Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do apples grow on maple tree?

I think they do. I can see them anyway -  they are there.

I have chosen a maple tree for shooting my mosaic bowls and plates. It´s a  great maple tree, I have to say.  It holds two hammocks at summer time and is a prefect shade against hot rays of sun when I´m reading a book and drinking an ice cold ice-cream shake or a rum and coke cocktail in a hammock.

The tree gives some pure and sweet juice at spring time. At autumn  there´s a magical mushroom circle around that maple tree and it also keeps me on my toes when I´m raking it´s golden leaves into huge piles.

And now, in the middle of winter, it kindly offers it´s branches for my photo-shooting. I love that tree.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

I´m waiting...

...for a day when nothing wet comes out of this grayish winter sky - I think we have had enough snow and sleet for this year, so PLEASE, Sun - please come out!

I have this new gorgeous coffee table in my bedroom, waiting for me to take some photos of it. The light inside is quite bad and I don´t like electric like either, so I´m planning to take some photos outside. Rain - or snowdrops on the table and on pieces of mirror would ruin it all, soooo I´m waiting  :)