Sunday, June 24, 2012

Murphy´s law

Yay - all of my custom orders have been filled by today and I´m really satisfied. After pretty sleepy beginning of the year, I suddenly got so many custom orders. I love when I have much work but this time it was a bit more complicated - I had a part of my left lung removed in April and I could´t work after that for a while. Luckily I had such a great customers, who totally understood the situation and were happy to wait til I got better.

Here are some of the custom orders I filled after the op:

Two matching black and white coffee tables for Megan (US)

Two golden fruit platters for Inhara (UK)

Black coffee table for Julie (Canada)

Big golden fruit platter for Mairika (Estonia)

Two mirrored coffee tables for Domonique (US) 
I hope to hear from Domonique soon :)

Two extra large mirrors for Catriin (Estonia)