Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our little piglet

This is our tiny piglet called Nupi. Nupi is almost 2 months old, she has been with us for two days. It feels like we have a baby -  no sleep at all but much much laughter and fun. Once again I´ll let the pictures do the talking :)

I´m just sooo tiny
Our cat Tjorven has not decided if she should eat the little "rat" or to play with her :)

I could fit into that teacup :)

 Nupi´s new mom...

..and dad :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

A small peak inside

Two weeks ago we finally moved in. I have a working space now and yesterday I started to work on a new mosaic piece, gosh it felt good! You can have a small peak into our livingroom. Everything is as it is at the moment, we ourselves love the result. There are still thousands of things to do but oh my, how much has been done! After 5 months we can watch telly again and just lay on a couch, feeling totally lazy :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

To my little love

Today´s post is not going to be a cheerful one but I have to get it out somehow.

It´s been six days since we had to put our furry friend to sleep, he had a bad renal failure and there was no more hope. He was not just a cat, for me he was my baby. My brave baby who hid his pain so well that we only realised he´s sick just two days before that terrible day. He started to vomit blood, we hurried to see a vet in hope he could help. We came home holding a box with his lifeless limp body and buried him under large trees just close to the house. We wrapped him inside a beautiful cloth and put his favorite toy, some flowers and food pellets with him, these were the things he loved the most. To say goodbye to him while he was still alive on the vet´s table and after 5 minutes to collect his body are the worse memories I have and I cannot stop thinking about it. I hope so much we didn´t let him down. The vet said he would have max 2 weeks left if we tried to clean his blood for few days. Few days in a clinic, confused and lonely and then only two weeks to live - we simply could not to let that happen.

Hallu was with us for almost 3 years, he came from a shelter. It was a truly snowy winter evening when a lady from a shelter took him to us in a large sports bag. I liked him the very first moment. There are so many good memories... I have cried and cried, all of those fresh memories - good ones and bad ones- are hunting me.

Little paws and little whiskers
please come to me and whisper
how was it for you to go
it breaks my heart if I don´t know.

Please come and say there was no pain
when your soul flew away.
I had, my dear, to let you go,
how to beat the pain now I do not know.

Today is falling rain and hail
on your little sandy grave.
Please tell me that you are not cold,
there´s only your body there but no soul.

Your soul took off and now is free,
no pain for you but pain for me.
Oh I wish that I could touch
your fur and paws I love that much!

Good bye my little love!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting there

It has been a good summer for us. Very busy, truly tiresome and also very rewarding. Much has been done within those three and a half summer months. I´ll let the photos do the talking:

 That´s how our heating system started to grow

 We were lucky to find so wonderful potters, thank you Aarne and Harri-Raimond!
I love what you did!

Our roof is pretty much the same color as the fireplace:

I watched how the potters plastered and did my first plastering job shortly after that :)

And then came a day what I had been waiting for more than a year. I wanted to see the beauty of the old timber. Sand blast did the job well. The timber is great, so warm and natural, so full of history and old stories. We will write our stories all over it

 We were sure we have to replace two doors but could not believe our eyes when the sand had sung his song on the doors. Both of the doors look simply fabulous! 

  A part of a hot seat and chimney can be seen from here

There was tons of sand to be taken out after the sand blast guys had left. The Soviet gas mask makes a greatest respirator :) Spooky guy in a dusty room :)

And this is it for today, my dear readers! There is much polishing to be done, we do it all by hand, a log after log so the timber would look more smooth and beautiful. We are hoping to move in in a month. I´ll let you know if we managed :) So long, take care, all of you!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old new

 Me taking down a bit of everything:)
 Alan taking down old fireplace, stove and hot wall
Our superb helpers helping to build new rafters

 Sweet berry liqueur for Christmas

 Old livingroom
 Old bedroom
 Truly old oak kitchen table

 New life of an old table

 Planted some calendulas on a pile of dirt

 It´s nice to live on a small hill :)

 Anyone home?

 Good moments among kinsfolk
 Midsummer eve
 Alan, my dear grandmom and sweetest Mom

Never to busy for eating ice cream with strawberries :)

As you can see our summer has been quite busy but also very fun and challenging :) It breaks my heart to turn down custom orders but at the moment I don´t even have a place where I could work. I promise to fill every order when autumn comes :)