Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting there

It has been a good summer for us. Very busy, truly tiresome and also very rewarding. Much has been done within those three and a half summer months. I´ll let the photos do the talking:

 That´s how our heating system started to grow

 We were lucky to find so wonderful potters, thank you Aarne and Harri-Raimond!
I love what you did!

Our roof is pretty much the same color as the fireplace:

I watched how the potters plastered and did my first plastering job shortly after that :)

And then came a day what I had been waiting for more than a year. I wanted to see the beauty of the old timber. Sand blast did the job well. The timber is great, so warm and natural, so full of history and old stories. We will write our stories all over it

 We were sure we have to replace two doors but could not believe our eyes when the sand had sung his song on the doors. Both of the doors look simply fabulous! 

  A part of a hot seat and chimney can be seen from here

There was tons of sand to be taken out after the sand blast guys had left. The Soviet gas mask makes a greatest respirator :) Spooky guy in a dusty room :)

And this is it for today, my dear readers! There is much polishing to be done, we do it all by hand, a log after log so the timber would look more smooth and beautiful. We are hoping to move in in a month. I´ll let you know if we managed :) So long, take care, all of you!


  1. Oh the dust of re building, there is no other dust like it! Love the look of the cleaned wood, and look forward to the end result of everything. Hope you'll be able to clean everything up and move in before the cold months start!

  2. Wow! That's huge and hard work!! You must be so proud of yourself, I find it is so satisfying working on one own's house

  3. Wow you guys made so much progress - great job! Love the colour of the "new" wood - it's so beautiful.

  4. the house looks gorgeous! you've done great job, Sirli!

  5. WOW - this is fantastic! Your heating system is great, I'd love to sit with you on that hot seat on a cold winter day with lots of time for chatting. The sand blasted timber and doors look gorgeous, a bit of polishing, and it's done. I wish you a warm, sunny fall that you can do the rest of your work so that you can move in before winter without any hectic and stress! Brigitte

  6. What a fabulous work you did. Absolutely love the stove. Wish you all the best for moving in soon.

  7. wow is all I can say!
    Great job and that woood *____*

  8. Oh my...
    This Is amazing. I would love to rebuld a hous