Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old new

 Me taking down a bit of everything:)
 Alan taking down old fireplace, stove and hot wall
Our superb helpers helping to build new rafters

 Sweet berry liqueur for Christmas

 Old livingroom
 Old bedroom
 Truly old oak kitchen table

 New life of an old table

 Planted some calendulas on a pile of dirt

 It´s nice to live on a small hill :)

 Anyone home?

 Good moments among kinsfolk
 Midsummer eve
 Alan, my dear grandmom and sweetest Mom

Never to busy for eating ice cream with strawberries :)

As you can see our summer has been quite busy but also very fun and challenging :) It breaks my heart to turn down custom orders but at the moment I don´t even have a place where I could work. I promise to fill every order when autumn comes :)


  1. It is an absolutely amazing & courageous undertaking!
    I am still wondering why the hole in the middle of the living room had to be there?
    If our planning did not coincide I'd be there to help!

  2. WOW, Sirli! Truly grand work! Love your still beautiful garden and the kitchen table!!!!!!!!
    Is the hole in the ground for heating purposes?

  3. Thank you Heyme and Eva :)The big hole is now filled with concrete, it´s a base for stove and hot wall, our potter is going to start his works tomorrow. Yay!!!

  4. WOW Sirli, what great work you all did. Thank you for sharing. Love your kitchen table and your garden, and wish you many more warm sunny days for your renovation work to be finished until fall. Brigitte