Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do apples grow on maple tree?

I think they do. I can see them anyway -  they are there.

I have chosen a maple tree for shooting my mosaic bowls and plates. It´s a  great maple tree, I have to say.  It holds two hammocks at summer time and is a prefect shade against hot rays of sun when I´m reading a book and drinking an ice cold ice-cream shake or a rum and coke cocktail in a hammock.

The tree gives some pure and sweet juice at spring time. At autumn  there´s a magical mushroom circle around that maple tree and it also keeps me on my toes when I´m raking it´s golden leaves into huge piles.

And now, in the middle of winter, it kindly offers it´s branches for my photo-shooting. I love that tree.


1 comment:

  1. Did you really hang all those mosaic bowls from the tree? you are a brave! They don't look very safe...there are some beautiful designs though would look great on my kitchen table bursting with fresh fruit! Have you seen some of the designs at they have some interesting bowl shaped mosaics like this.