Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new child has born

I started to felt just lately. Thanks to dear Mann for telling me the ABC of felting and kindly sharing some wool with me. I thought it was more fun to felt together with someone, so I invited my cousin Marge to felt with me. 

We started very optimistically, everything covered with hot water and soap and the more we tried to felt, the more we realised that neither of us knows much about what we do. But the will was great and we both managed to felt something – I don´t know what Marge has done with her greenish-brownish felt, but I used my felt to make a pair of oven mittens. They appared to look not very bad and I took them in use.

Then I felted shoes to Marta, my lovely pink newborn niece. Well, the shoes are a bit bigger than her feet but what do I know about children. But I guess it´s quite all right, because it ´s summer now anyway and the shoes are too warm for wearing them right now. My sis Irge got a present as well – a felted nursing necklace, I made it to match the color of the shoes.  I pondered if I should give something to the new daddy Mart as well – a pair of felted earplugs perhaps?- but I think Mart has had his fun already and has to get used to the crying and diaper changing part. 

What can I say- felting feels good :)

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