Friday, August 19, 2011

JaR oF tHe SuMmEr

I LOVE long summer days, smell of freshly cut grass, foamy warm waves, the Sun and the heat. Such a bliss...

When I think back to the warmest months of this summer, I can smell many different smells - freshly picked berries and flowers, home baked cakes, newborn babies, ice cream milkshakes. I can see tanned and happy faces of friends and family members. I can sense freedom in everywhere and everyone. There is nothing better than summer and freedom, I wish the summer never ends...

Now it´s time to start taking dry firewood into a shed, conserve tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers. And most of all – gather all of the honey that summer offered us into a big colorfully labeled jar named SUMMER.  

This is my Jar Of The Summer, you are welcome to have a taste. 

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