Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mouse gray day nr two :)

Yep, still no Sun. I tried my best and made some photos of my work. This is a Christmas tree decoration, but you can hang it anywhere you want to. It catches Sun so well, but I guess not on a day like today :)

On a bit brighter day I´m going to share pictures of my new fab coffee table. I remember so well when I picked up a first table from a store and covered it with mosaic. I didn´t really know if someone is going to buy it, but I really wanted to create something big. Now I have sold four big tables already and got the best feedback. I´m glad. I´m glad I can do something special with my own hands. Every time I finish a new piece, I feel so fulfilled. And I´m even more fulfilled when I find out that that people don´t buy only emotion from me, they will get much more :)

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  1. I agree with you Sirli! Its great to make something beautiful with your own hands! You do that wonderful!!!)