Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bye bye Christmas time

Grandmothers got this year some homemade cranberry liqueur as a Christmas presents. Me and my hubby picked the berries in September, put the berries, some sugar and vodka into the bottles in October and in December we had some wonderful homemade Christmas drink ready. It reads "a wonderful drink what makes you feel a bit tipsy" on the bottles.
I made some Christmas tree decorations this year. Silvery cones decorated my family member´s trees and my own as well. Actually we saved the trees and got two branches of juniper instead a tree. Let the trees grow :)

 The cranberry drink with cranberries :)
 I also made some soap this Christmas, it´s a coffee and cinnamon scrub soap. A good gift for my friends.

Our cat Tjorven also got some presents - some good bacon and gift bags to have fun with :)


  1. Kaneel zeep in Dutch :-)
    Would love to have a taste of the liqueur!

  2. Welcome to Estonia on Sunday, Heyme, you can have some pancakes with the liqueur as well :))