Friday, March 2, 2012

Ucuspucus and me sowing some seeds

See, the title is almost a rhyme
and I feel like it´s time
to talk about pots, plants and seeds
because spring is coming, indeed :)

It´ s funny how all these little rhymes are coming out of my sleeve all of the time. Few years ago I used to make poems, but only in Estonian language. If I would sit down and take a pen and piece of paper, I´m sure I would still got it, but I pour almost all of my creativeness into my mosaics today.

So where was I - oh yeah, I wanted to talk about spring and seeds. Me and my Etsy friend Ucuspucus from Romania (Raluca is her real name and Raluca is one multifunctional person - she is an ENT surgeon and an artist at the same time) decided to sow some seeds on a same day. So we did. Here are my pots with the seeds sown already:

I hope to see some photos of Raluca´s seeds and pots soon, but on the meanwhile I can see her wonderful work in Etsy: Ucuspucus has also planted some plants into her paintings like on this one:

I also love Raluca´s watercolor hedgehog´s painting :

There are many more beautiful works from her, but check it out yourself, I´ll go and talk to the seeds now, this way they will grow better :)


  1. Oh, Sirli... You make my heart melt!
    My (only) pot sits in the kitchen and looks on the window towards his far away brothers... We are smiling our sprouts out every morning :D

  2. I love to grow veggies! But the last 2 years we have been to busy with other things... Hope next year to make a vegetable garden again! I wish you the best with yours!

  3. Waw, so many. Curious how they will grow.
    Great post.

  4. So, what are they? I can see the tulip and paprikabulb/seed bags.
    Good luck with it! - I miss my garden. :(

    1. No tulips, Eva, capsicums and hot chilies :)

  5. Hello again! News from my garden:

    1. SO wonderful tiny plants, Raluca!!! My plants look about the same size but my dear cat decided to eat some, I´ll tell you that I was not happy about it but I can´t stay mad at her because she is such a gorgeous little devil cat :)