Thursday, January 31, 2013

A friend in need

Everybody needs some help from time to time, also everybody wants and needs to think that nothing bad never happens to them. But walking in this life is a bit like walking on an ice - sometimes the ice is strong and we are skating through days, weeks, months, years. It may happen that the ice gets thin and we fall in. The freezing water is something we cannot take, it is so unexpected as we always believed our ice always stays strong. 

My Etsy friend´s Sandra´s ice broke into thousands of sharp pieces just before Christmas 2012, she lost her husband who had lung cancer. The couple found out about the cancer only few months ago, Sandra has a small son and life has left the two of them mourning for their life- companion and father. 

Sandra and her son lives in Portugal, she and her husband used to work together, they had a low income, but happy family. Sanda could not work while taking care of her sick partner and she soon faced big financial troubles, after her husband´s death thing got worse. She is in need for some help. 

Our Etsy´s team Estspirit has organised a raffle for helping out Sandra and her son. If you feel that you can help Sandra out of the water, you are very very welcome to buy a raffle ticket which costs 5 USD. We have sold almost 800 tickets so far, but the cost of the funerals and old debts are big, so we would like to sell more tickets. If you want to help Sandra and buy a ticket, please see: 

You can also help Sandra by buying something from her ceramic´s shop:
 Her work is beautiful and her shop almost empty, there are so many amazing people all around the world who have bought something from her just after the cry for help.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE RAFFLE, so this is the right time for helping. Our team members have donated many beautiful handmade items, so you can win some beautiful prizes. 

I hope your ice never breaks. I wish that one day Sandra´s and her son´s ice gets stronger again and that they could skate again.  

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